Apart from complete engine breakdown, transmission failure is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Not only will it be expensive to repair, most workshops would happily offer a costly replacement unit rather than even attempting to repair your misbehaving gearbox. That in itself is not such a bad thing, as a transmission unit is a complicated machinery and thus having rookie technician to crack it open and prod about looking for the faulty part can lead to more harm than good.
Just like how a person with an ailing heart would be referred to a cardio-specialist rather than a GP, vehicles with malfunctioning transmission are best sent to experts with the necessary tools and knowhow such as WinTech Transmission Specialist Centre.

Unlike other general workshops, WinTech specializes in reconditioning automatic and manual gearboxes. They are fully equipped to service, refurbish, repair and overhaul your transmission, torque converter and valve body regardless of your vehicle’s make be it Japanese, Korean or even Continental.
In keeping with the times, WinTech possesses all the necessary advanced transmission diagnostic tools and have experienced and qualified working staff to fix even the most major failures.
To reduce waiting and leading times, the shop stocks various rebuilt transmissions and parts so you don’t have to be car-less for long. If you’re in real bad luck and they’ve ran out of the parts you need however, fret not as WinTech will perform a quick custom rebuild for you to minimize your misfortune.

Call Win Tech at 012-638 8316 for free professional advice from experienced technicians and get an honest quote on all your transmission repair needs. You may also log on to to get more info on the company’s products and services.